30 July 2009

Visit To I.C.C. - International Cooking Concepts Spain

During my time in Barcelona, a trip was planned to the head offices of International Cooking Concepts (I.C.C.). A nondescript building on Gran Via Corts Catalanes houses this specialist cookware supplier/developer and I.C.C. is the world leader in cutting edge kitchen technology. Owner Marc Calabuig was kind enough to spend some of his valuable time showing me all of the new technologies up close. Rotoval, Clarimax, Pac-O-Jet and Roner were on display alongside smaller pieces of equipment such as Superbag, atomizers, ThermoXPresswhips and Ezi-Dri. Marc explained in detail the ethos of the company and his elite customer base which includes most of the worlds leading chefs. It seemed like every imaginable device was on show and the sight of all of these machines and their capabilities were mind blowing. What Escoffier or Careme would have thought, we don't know but I am sure that they like the guys at I.C.C. would see the value in all of these machines, which don't provide shortcuts but allow the chef to concentrate on creativity and productivity. We will be working closely with Rely Services and I.C.C. in the future as ambassadors of MyCook which we mentioned earlier this month and of which we will keep you updated. Thanks to Marc for his time and to Linda & Robert Erskine from Rely Services Australia (official supplier of I.C.C. Australia) for the hook up. http://www.cookingconcepts.com/ENG/index.html

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