21 June 2011


After Darren's close call in the chef challenge against Kate last week on Masterchef the sweet studio has been buzzing with all things caramel, banana & rum. We have had lots of inquiries for cakes and we are struggling to keep up with demand for the reworked version of the dish for the cake cabinet. We have also had masses of keen amateur chefs asking for the recipe and for tips in recreating their own version. Here is a link to the Masterchef website which has a pdf of the recipe for you to download. Give it a go and see if you can do as well as Kate did the other night. Please feel free to post comments or questions and we will get back to you with answers and solutions as soon as we can. Good luck!



14 June 2011

MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA SEASON 3 DESSERT THE EVOLUTION - Sweet Studio Cake Cabinet - Banana, Caramel, Rum

Large version of the evolved dessert featured on Masterchef.

Cross section of the current version of the dessert.

Individual portions of the dessert on offer at Sweet Studio

Where science meets sweetness!

Caramelised white chocolate before & after.

Close up of the garnish used on Masterchef - no longer used on the current version of the dish

Experimentation with different finishes continues.

Well most of you reading this will have watched this evenings episode featuring Darren in the chef vs amateur immunity challenge. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did, we can assure you it is not as easy as it looks under the lights and in the spotlight! The dish above is the current version of the dish that was prepared on the show, as with all things, especially in Sweet Studio, our dishes are evolutionary. We start with an idea and then pretty soon some experimentation of flavour matching starts, then early versions of a dish start to materialise and then we have a finished dish. It does not stop there though as tweaks here and there can enhance a dish for the better and it is rare that we create something and stop there being content with the finished product as there is always room for improvement. So the dish on Masterchef tonight has evolved into the current version on sale at Sweet Studio right now.

Macadamia & B&P Spice Blend Speculos Pastry
Zingy Passionfruit Jelly
Caramel Bananas Cream
Caramelised White Chocolate Mousse With Vanilla
Caramelised White Chocolate Velvet Spray
Caramelised Milk Solids
Ascorbic Syrup & Dark Rum Jelly

So the changes that are immediately obvious to the version on Channel 10 are:

The omission of the coffee sable (for the speculos) - we did not want a polarising flavour to deter some customers.

The frozen items have been removed - for cake resale in a shop rather than dessert in a restaurant.

The banana straight banana has been removed and incorporated inside the mousse, the jelly now sits alone on top.

We hope that this current version is as popular as ever and hope that you can pop down to 647 Chapel Street, South Yarra to give it a try. We have LOTS more in store and you can view our current product list here:

and our June cake selection here: http://www.burchandpurchese.com/media/1987/cake_list_june_2011.pdf

BIG THANK YOU to all of you for the support shown to Darren on tonights show and we hope that it has inspired some of you to give a few tricky desserts a go.

For more information on Burch & Purchese call +61 3 9827 7060 or email info@burchandpurchese.com

12 June 2011

Sweet Studio To Open This Monday Public Holiday

Hi all this is just a quick post to advise that Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio is open this Monday 13th June (Queen's Birthday). We will be open for our normal trading hours of 10am-6.30pm and we will have the cake cabinet fully stocked. So if you are in the area of 647 Chapel Street then please pop in and say hi. We hope you are enjoying this long weekend!

08 June 2011

Burch & Purchese Wedding Cake & Celebration Cake Enquiries

Three tier dark chocolate & hazelnut sponge & mousse cake with flavoured edible flowers.

Single tier thirteen layer cake with silver & blue chocolate centre piece on designed clear acrylic stand.

Royal Wedding Cake - Violet & Lemon produced for The Circle channel 10.

Pistachio & Lemon Cake 100th birthday celebration.
Cake sketch design is done freehand by Ian or Darren.

An example of the sketch a client will receive.

Choose from over 300 flavours, texture or finishes from our unique flavour & food pairing wall.    (image. Dean Cambray)

We have been busy with bespoke cake creations almost from the very first day of Sweet Studio and we get large amounts of enquiries as to how to go about designing your own cake. This post will help explain some the the intricacies and answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Of course we do the designing but we take into consideration the following points before a quotation:

  • The event - to establish themes and appropriate design direction.
  • Number of persons - for scale and size of creation.
  • Is it for dessert or for a smaller piece with coffee - again for scale & size.
  • Favourite flavours - we can create any flavour combination but if you had anything in mind..
  • Will it need to sit out for a long period of time - to determine the composition and structure of the creation
  • Is a stand required - we can design and produce our own clear acrylic stands to suit and recommend this option
  • Is there a design in mind or is the client happy to leave it to our creative side - we are very happy to use our years of experience to create a one off for you
  • Any allergies to consider - we are able to produce vegan and vegetarian creations, make sponges without gluten and creams without dairy. We can produce nut free creations but we advise that the cake will be made at Sweet Studio where we use nuts so we cannot guarantee the absence of traces.
  • What sort of decoration is in mind - We specialise in chocolate cakes and the finishes to our cakes are predominantly chocolate velvet sprayed with bespoke chocolate spheres or chocolate piece however we are not limited to this.
  • Is it to be delivered and installed by our team or picked up at the studio - We are happy to deliver, set up & install. Additional charges apply.
  • Any other information that might be of use to us as designers - Give us as much information as possible and we will tailor to your requirements.
This procedure can be done face to face during one of our late night Thursday cake consultations at Sweet Studio or via email. Once all of the information is collated we will send a free quote & sketch design to the client. We want to give a personal service to our clients and provide them with a stunning, practical and unique creation. 

All initial enquiries for our unique service should start by emailing info@burchandpurchese.com or calling 03 9827 7060 or popping into the studio to make an appointment.

We hope we can make your celebration truly spectacular.  

07 June 2011

Burch & Purchese present 'Sweet Architextural' - new video compilation

Thanks goes to Ian Ritter at http://www.ianritter.net/ for his work on recording our event in March and for the editing and uploading of files.

Sweet Studio Cake Cabinet: Chocolate, Mandarin & Murray River Salted Caramel

This is one of the most popular cakes in our range since Sweet Studio opened just before Easter this year. It is set to be a favourite that stays on the menu with the only changes being a tweak here or there.
The base of the cake is a light aerated chocolate shortbread and that is topped by our very own St. Clements orange & lemon marmalade. The marmalade is available for retail in our studio if you wish to try your own creation. One of our signature creams a 'burnt mandarin cream' sits on top of the marmalade and a generous layer of golden caramel flavoured with pink Murray River flakes is added on top of the cream. The layers are encased in a silky smooth chocolate mousse made with Chocovic's Kendari 60% dark chocolate. The entire cake is glazed with our mirror like shiny chocolate glaze and we garnish with one of our coloured chocolate spheres. The cake is available in 18cm and in an individual portion size but we can tailor to your needs.
Some combinations of flavours are just so good together and we are struggling to think of a better match than chocolate, orange & caramel, we hope you can come down to the Studio to try it out.