18 September 2009

Burch & Purchese Creative Cakes - 1 Toast & Marmalade

This is another example of our play on word and flavours. The gateaux has layers of burnt orange cream, nut butter jelly and Chocovic's 'Nayarit' milk chocolate mousse with orange. A base of soaked and toasted brioche holds everything in place and to garnish are segments of orange cream, confit kumquats, freshly grated zest, nut butter gel cubes and sweetened and dehydrated mini brioche 'toast' slices. Our orange marmalade is also nestled inside the gateaux and served as an accompaniment as well. This is a fun and, most importantly, delicious creation.

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 14 Pink Lady Apple Cream, Crumble Mix

This dish really celebrates the fantastic produce found in Victoria, the Pink Lady apples we picked up were too good to resist, so we came up this spectacular dish. An acidulated apple jelly holds up a silky apple cream, we finish with slightly spiced crumble dotted with freeze dried berries. The dish is simple but looks amazing and provides textural contrasts, we garnish with our trademark apple pringles and more crumble. Apples really are a most versatile and delicious fruit and we are blessed here in Australia with some of the finest.

16 September 2009

Burch & Purchese Recipes 4 - Olive Oil Ice Cream

Here's a cool & quick recipe which takes advantage of MyCook Pro's unique capabilities. The finished product is smooth and silky, we like to use Arbequina Olive Oil for this but try out different oils or a mix. Click onto the recipe to enlarge and enjoy.

15 September 2009

Pictures From The Chocolate Museum In Barcelona

Outside the museum which can be found at Commerc 36, 08003, Barcelona
Gaudi's famous reptile reworked.
Antique Chocolate Tools.
Lucky Luke

HomerUnbelievable!! All of the above photo's with the exception of the the antique chocolate making kit are made from chocolate. Great fun to see this museum, the history of chocolate is revealed and there is a cool cafe selling the obligatory hot chocolate and assorted chocolate bars from around the world. Well worth a visit we say if you are into that sort of thing, one thing's for sure, that's someone with a lot of time on their hands!!

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 13 Burnt Orange, Bay Leaf Sable, Pistachio Ice-Cream

These flavours really work together we feel, the burnt notes of the orange cream compliment the fragrant sable breton infused with fresh bay. A textural contrast is also given from the crunchy biscuit and crunchy Iranian pistachios. Our special Burch & Purchese spice is used sparingly for an added dimension of flavour and our smooth decadent pistachio ice-cream really rounds out all of the elements. For a playful touch a frozen orange/kumquat powder is dusted over the ice-cream and served immediately. This dish ticks all of the boxes again of originality, flavour, texture and temperature.

10 September 2009

Dinner At The Tippling Club In Singapore

Ryan & Matt's Menu GourmandTippling Club getting ready for another mad night.
Onion 'Calamari' With Olive Puree
Matt Bax's Original Singapore Sling
Ryan Clift's Champagne Soup
On a recent working trip to Singapore, Burch & Purchese caught up with Ryan Clift and Matt Bax at their stunning restaurant The Tippling Club. The restaurant is cutting edge and each artfully crafted dish is paired with the most innovative cocktails you will see anywhere in the world. Singapore is a very lucky city to have two such talented professionals creating food and drink pairings as good as anywhere we have seen around the world. This was a flying visit for us and we plan to return in October for a longer period having secured a consultancy position, we will certainly return to The Tippling Club where menu's change regularly and especially because of the friendship between ourselves and Ryan & Matt. Congratulations boys and we recommend to anyone to pay the restaurant a visit on your next trip to Singapore. http://www.tipplingclub.com/

07 September 2009

Burch & Purchese Pair Desserts With Cocktails

The Berlin Bar, 16 Corrs Lane, MelbourneIan explains the dish and cocktail pairings and his thoughts behind them.
Aviator's ready to fly!

Chocolate & Cherry 'bombs'
Violet & Lemon Feuillantine.Recently Burch & Purchese teamed up with Rob from Moet Hennessy and Sebastian from Melbourne's Berlin Bar to create a cocktail and dessert pairing night. As you know we love pairing dishes and cocktails really interest us as pastry chefs. 30 people turned up for the intimate affair and were dazzled by the exceptional skills of the barmen at the bar, we also received great feedback for the light and delicate sweet treats which accompanied the drinks. The night was organised by Moet Hennessey and was billed as a progressive dinner with food and wine pairing all night for winemakers. The evening started at Oyster Little Bourke, took in the Flower Drum and finished with us at The Berlin Bar. Watch this space for more cocktail news involving Burch & Purchese.

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 12 Coconut, Ginger, Passionfruit & Mint

On the face of it this dish seems pretty simple, in fact it packs great flavour using four highly individual ingredients which give a stunning result when used together. At the base of he bowl is a silky smooth and sharp passion curd, on top of that freshly baked warm ginger biscuits are added along with strips of our homemade crystallized ginger. The biscuit and ginger add a crunchy texture and also a temperature change. A fragrant Heilala vanilla and coconut sago is next up and this is topped with a light mousse like coconut foam. The coconut really evens out all of the flavours in this dish and makes it work so well. Finally an intense mint granite is added for another texture and temperature dimension. This dish is, in our opinion, absolutely delicious and hits all of the right buttons in a dessert.