27 October 2009

Burch & Purchese Handmade Chocolates 1 - Salted Caramels

We appreciate the (careful) use of salt in the pastry kitchen, it balances flavour especially in very sweet confections. These chocolates are made with the highly recommended Murray River salt from Australia. A thick caramel is made, cooked to 145C, which gives a 'dropping' consistency. This is flavoured with the gorgeous pink crystals of salt and left to cool. We cast tempered Tarakan chocolate from chocovic, this is especially good for moulded chocolates as its high cocoa butter content gives high fluidity ensuring a thin mould. After the chocolate has crystallized we add the caramel and seal with more chocolate. Once turned out these chocolate are decorated with gold lustre and are ready for consumption. They have a great shelf life and are delicious as a petits four.

08 October 2009

Burch & Purchese Creative Cakes - 3 Chocolate, Orange & Bay Leaf

Of course, it's no secret we love the combination of chocolate and orange but this creation includes the subtle fragrance of bay leaf which works beautifully together. Two chocolates, Chocovic's Nayarit (milk) and Tarakan (dark), are used in the production of this cake. Orange marmalade, and jelly provide relief and cut through the sweetness. A bay leaf fluid gel is inside along with a crunchy bay leaf sable base. The whole gâteaux is frozen before spraying and curled orange crisps are used for garnish along with chocolate decor and milk chocolate glasage. Gold leaf makes this creation really special, do you want Burch & Purchese to create something special just for you? Drop us a line and we will get straight back to you.

05 October 2009

Burch & Purchese Creative Cakes - 2 Chocolate, Raspberry & Tarragon

Luscious chocolate mousse, with a tart raspberry jelly and a smooth fragrant tarragon cream are the contents of this latest creation. The flavours were commissioned by a client for a special occasion and we went to work on making the day special. Burch and Purchese really enjoy creating unique pieces for customers and we especially enjoyed playing around with the flavours chosen. The gâteaux was finished off with a good spray of chocolate for the textured effect and garnished with chocolate decor and jellies.

04 October 2009

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 15 Curry Ice Cream With Rice

This is another playful dessert from Burch & Purchese, we were inspired by our love of interesting flavour profiles and of course texture, and techniques. We paired our curry ice cream with toasted wild rice and spherical mango represents the mango chutney. Accompanied by our sweet poppadoms and garnished with coriander this was a tongue in cheek experimental dessert just to satisfy our own curiosity. We found it worked very well and certainly curry is a favorite in desserts these days. Hopefully this will stop Ian missing a curry from Brick Lane in East London for a little while.