11 June 2010

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 25 'Carnival' MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA MASTERCLASS

Those of you living in Australia may have caught the latest episode of Masterchef tonight in which Burch & Purchese provided a dessert 'Masterclass' for those contestants still in the competition. We were approached by the producers of the popular show and we were given just two days to devise a new dish centered around the theme 'Carnival'. The call came on Wednesday (a couple of months ago) and we flew to film in the Masterchef kitchen on the Friday. It was great seeing up close the goings on of this show and we met some great people in front of and behind the camera, not least Laki Baker, one of the producers, who was very nice and helped put us at ease. 
The weeks theme on Masterchef was progressive cuisine and we were happy to demonstrate our techniques to the very talented contestants. We produced a raspberry spiral sugar tube filled with vanilla ice cream, accompanied with aerated chocolate fruit salad, our 'tubular gels' and a toffee apple. It seemed to sum up the fun of the carnival and included contrasting textures, flavours and was visually appealing. One thing though, the picture above is garnished with baby pineapple sage leaves which is our preferred for this dish, these were unavailable at shooting so it is the only difference from the dish aired tonight. 
We would like to say thanks to Laki, George, Gary and all of the crew and contestants for letting us come on and promote Burch & Purchese. We hope to get invited again one day but for now we will leave you with a few behind the scenes shots of the Masterchef test kitchen. 
On another note...........stay tuned to this blog in the next couple of weeks as we hope to announce some exciting new developments in our business which we are trying hard to make a reality. As soon as they are confirmed we will let you know! 

Masterchef Australia            http://www.masterchef.com.au/home.htm


Anonymous said...

The episode was just aired tonight! The dessert looked absolutely decadent.

I was just wondering if you will be running any masterclass type events... would really like to participate!

Thermomixer said...

Great work Team B&P. Great dessert. Maybe haven't watched all MC, but tink this was the most engaging class for contesants, & probably viewers.

MrsT forced me to make the toffee apples already and have set the TomTom for her to go to Savour for some Isomalt tomorrow - hope KT is open tomorrow.

Dear Anonymous. There was to be a masterclass on Monday, but unfortunately the Mastachef Masterclass did not air soon enough & so it is not going ahead.

There is a class at Class Culinary in Ascot vale on August 12 - see here

Oh, yes, great to see all the MC contestant swoon when you pulverised isomalt/sugar mix in the TMX ;-)

Rachel Khoo said...

Those swirls look amazing especially the spiral sugar tube. Shame I can't watch the show in Paris :-(

Burch & Purchese said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thanks for your kind words, we will be incorporating dessert classes at the new site of Burch and Purchese which we hope to announce soon. Please stay tuned for updates and further information in the coming weeks.

Dear Jeff:

Really appreciate all of the support you have given us lately. We will let you know soon of some exciting information - fingers crossed!!


Thanks Rachel, Cath says hi. Sorry you are not able to view feed in Paris but we will post a you tube link as soon as we can find one. Thanks agin for your kind words.

Darren & Ian

Anonymous said...

Definitely will check here regularly!

To those who want to rewatch the masterclass/want to watch it, here is a link: http://www.masterchef.com.au/video.htm?vxSiteId=f8066236-e138-457a-95f4-298ed80718f8&vxChannel=S2MC%5FMasterclass1 , Darren's fruit carnival is one the video's of "masterclass 8".

Anonymous said...

for your subscribers you gotta check out the desserts by pierre rolofs at cafe rosamond sometime. 3 courses of amazement and make sure you try one of the desserts tubes!

Anonymous said...

thanks anonymous. Hear they are good, but haven't gotten there.

I have sent him an email, but seems that he doesn't do as well with replies as he may with his desserts? :(

Burch & Purchese said...

Anonymous 1:

Thanks for posting that link!

Anonymous 2:

Thanks, we don't know Pierre personally but hear he does amazing work!

Anonymous 3:

Perhaps we should go together!!

Cheers guys!