16 May 2011

Sweet Studio Cake Cabinet: Mango, Toffee, Almond, Chocolate & B&P Spice Blend

This is the second in a new series highlighting the offerings in our cake range, we are committed to providing the details of all of our creations in order for us to quickly convey to our customers the intricacies of the cakes on offer. Again we have produced an individual version of a larger cake so that you could purchase a couple for an intimate gathering or invest in a larger one for a dinner party of 8 people. This post focuses on our Mango, Toffee, Almond, Chocolate & Spice creation. It has lots of interesting texture contrasts and flavours (not least our special spice blend) and is finished in our signature chocolate velvet spray.

The components are as follows: (bottom to top)

  • Almond 'Drunken' Sponge
  • B&P Special Spice Blend Syrup
  • Mango Mosaic Jelly
  • Spiced Toffee Cream
  • Crunchy Spiced Kendari 60% Chocolate Wafer
  • 60/40 Smooth Chocolate Mousse (Nayarit Milk 37% & Kendari Dark 60%)
  • Chocolate Velvet Spray Finish
  • Almond Microwave Sponge Dehydrated and Sprayed In Chocolate
  • Phial Mango Streusel
  • Phial Spiced Syrup
This cake is perfect for the cold weather already upon us here in Melbourne with the spice blend particularly seductive and warming. We prefer to blend our own spices in order for us to achieve the absolute precision in the taste of our creations. We have created two general use spice blends, a Garam Masala and a Christmas spice which we will be retailing very soon in the studio as part of our 'Pimp up your pud range'.

We hope that if you live in the Melbourne area that you can come down and see us and we look forward to providing you with a real chocolate treat for your next dinner party or gathering. 


Anna (Morsels and Musings) said...

i weep that you are in melbourne and i am in sydney!

Janine Wallace said...

Hi How about a facebook page. I do not like twitter or blogs. But I do like you yummy work cheers Janine