16 August 2009

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 11 Apple, Celery, Beetroot & Walnut

This is a first version of a new dessert we are currently working on. The flavours seem to complement each other very well. We wanted to create a dessert that used unusual flavours coupled with modern techniques and differing textures. We made a vibrant beetroot sorbet using freeze dried beetroot powder. The finished sorbet was a stunning colour and not too sweet, we were happy with this result. This dish has a lot of components and has a savoury feel to it. We paired the sorbet with walnut jam and candied walnuts, lemon curd, candied celery and an unusual apple balsamic jelly. We pickled some apple pieces in white balsamic vinegar and made an espuma of yoghurt. Also on the plate we added apple 'pringles' which were a fun element as was the apple 'bubbles'. The bubbles were an adaptation of a technique passed on to us by Chef Andoni Luiz Aduriz from Mugaritz restaurant where they developed a recipe for chocolate bubbles. We find that the bubbles are a fairly easy application to replicate with most flavours and we were happy with the vibrant, almost effervescent effect given from the malic acid in the apples. The dish works well and has been popular when put on the menu. It seems to attract the sort of customer who says 'I don't normally have dessert', and for that we are thankful. As always we will rework and refine this dish and post back the results.

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