16 August 2009

A Visit To Espai Sucre

Outside the school, Carrer Sant Pere Mes Alt 72, Barcelona 08003
Stunning cooking school, inside the 'old building'.
Jordi Puigvert chats with Xano Saguer
The 'new' building, very smart and modern.
All the kitchen gadgets you could think of including 'MyCook'.
Jordi Puigvert (left), Jordi Butron (middle).
A beautiful summer dish at the restaurant Espai Sucre.
We enjoyed four courses of dessert for dinner. Fantastic!Our friend Jordi Puigvert, met us in Barcelona and promised to introduce us to Jordi Butron and Xano Saguer the pastry chefs behind famed restaurant/school Espai Sucre. During the day Jordi took us to the school which has just had a new wing added. The old one looked pretty good and efficient but the new one was stunning! Very modern and minimalist, it is home to students from all over the world interested in learning patisserie from one of the most accomplished pastry chefs in the world. Jordi Butron has worked for and with so many great chefs. He has headed up pastry sections in Bras and Pierre Gagniare and El Bulli to name a few, Jordi Puigvert used to work at Espai Sucre and introduced us. It was fascinating taking a look into such a professional operation and while we were there a class was being held on taste and senses. The students were given blindfolds and put through a series of tests and sensory experiences, all part of the course they had enrolled in. We met Xano Saguer as well who was working on dish development for the Espai Sucre restaurant down the road, everyone was very friendly and hospitable and a table was booked for us at the restaurant later in the week. The dinner was special as we were treated to two savoury courses and four dessert courses all of which were stunning and culminating in a fantastic brioche, chocolate and fresh truffle dessert which lingered in the mouth long after it was devoured. In all a special experience and new friends made whom we will look after when they come to Australia. Special thanks to Jordi Puigvert for spending the day with us and showing us around Espai Sucre and virtually every pastry shop in Barcelona. http://www.espaisucre.com/index.php?page=intro.language

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