03 January 2010

New Designs In Celebration Cakes

We have some cool new cake designs that we have been working on for 2010, as soon as we can we will let you know the new techniques and flavours we are using. We are really excited to show you some stuff Australia has never seen before. Watch this space!!!  


breadpitt said...

cant wait to see those new technique will be expose...count me in as a regular visitor now onwards...a young patissier apprentice from malaysia

Burch & Purchese said...

Great stuff mate, thank a lot and tell your mates. Cheers, Darren & Ian

Pierre said...

Hi guys
I am Pierre from Paris ; love your site which inspires me : I am an ameteur foodie and I appreciate beautiful things and your masterpieces are really beautiful!! thanks for the sharing ! any chance you come to paris soon?
cheers from Snowy Paris !

Burch & Purchese said...

Hey Pierre and thanks. We have just checked out your blog mate and all we can say is well done and keep it up.

Darren & Ian