06 August 2010

Latest Trials, Products & Dishes This Winter

To celebrate the increasing quality and abundant supply of Australian truffles, we have created our own out of aerated dark chocolate and fresh truffle salsa. These can be shaved at the table.

Testing new different chocolate shades for spraying our celebration cakes and individual desserts.
A Spanish style polvoron made with powdered cocoa nibs & hazelnuts - just prior to baking.

A vibrant looking fresh watercress sorbet is ready to go.

Citrus is great in Australia at this time of year and it is a good time to start candying the zests, shown here is candied lime zest.

A reworking of our chocolate, pear & hazelnut dish, with the addition of a hazelnut ice cream.

Warm chocolate mousse, hazelnut meringue & chocolate leaves. Work In Progress!!

Could not resist trying this almond biscuit recipe from the pages of Siete Cookbook. Yummy!!


Ms Pink Piglet said...

I wish I can get your cook books!

robert said...

will you post the process with the chocolate truffle/

thank you


lostpastremembered said...

Wonderful desserts, guys, I can't wait to hear more about that truffle truffle one!

Cory S said...

Wow! The Polvoron looks very yummy! I’m a big fan of desserts looking forward to your future posts I agree with lostpastremembered your desserts are wonderful it made me really hungry! =)

Burch & Purchese said...

Ms Pink Piglet - We are working on something at the moment but it wont be for at least 12 months! Thanks.

Robert - Once the process has been refined and perfected for consistent purposes then we will post. Promise

lostpastremembered - Thanks once again

Cory S - Appreciate the support mate!

Hannah said...

Wow. Again, thank you. It is always a pleasure and an inspiration to peek into your beautiful adventures.

H :)