22 December 2010


We just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our readers, customers, pastry lovers and supporters!! It has been a massive push to the end but we are working hard to open a SPECTACULAR shop in the first part of 2011. Plans are going well and we are refining and improving on our product every day.
Here are some images of our seasonal work including our white chocolate snowmen, our modern take on 'Yule Log', our chocolate Christmas trees and some of our images from last year. We will post once more in 2010 in between Christmas & New Year but for now have a fantastic time and eat lots of yummy things, MERRY CHRISTMAS & lots of love Darren & Ian xxxx


Gina B said...

so excited bout the new shop! can't wait to see it, merry christmas! x

Burch & Purchese said...

Cheers Gina B!! Hope you had a fab Christmas xx

Amanda said...

This is going to sound wretched, but I have spent some time (and could spend more, wow!) looking on your site and have no idea if you have adressed it:

How do you get the balls so perfect??? Will you share pretty please?