13 February 2011

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Update - Theatre Of Ideas Tickets Still Available

A three Michelin-starred chef who, along with her father, interprets modern Basque cooking with often astounding technique, Elena is the fourth generation of the Arzak family to head the kitchen at their inspirational and ground-breaking restaurant. Her approach to food is equal parts chef, historian, scientist and alchemist. “We like taking risks because without risks you don’t move forward”, she says. She could also have added that without risks, you won’t be counted among the world’s best. 

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, have been called “the most fashionable figures on London’s food scene right now”. The self-titled jellymongers invented a walk-in cloud of breathable gin and tonic, created a jelly banquet for 2,000 people, flooded a building with four tonnes of cognac punch that visitors then boated across before drinking and have made the humble jelly a substance of subtlety and wonder.

We are very pleased to announce that our spectacular jelly event with the Jellymongers, Bompas & Parr has now SOLD OUT! The Espy will be packed out on the 10th of March this year and we want to thank everyone who has supported this event. Sorry to anyone who has not been able to secure a ticket, we tried to extend the tickets for the event but it is now full and we have a waiting list that is growing.

All is not lost though if you had your heart set on seeing Bompas & Parr as there are still a few tickets available for the hugely popular 'Theatre Of Ideas'. Plus, not only will you get to see the Jellymongers but Chef Elena Arzak from the feted 3 michelin restaurant,  'Arzak',  will be making the long trip from her home in San Sebastian to attend as a special guest.  

Here is an official comment from Melbourne Food & Wine and we hope to see you there!!! 

Theatre of Ideas presented by LifeStyle FOOD Channel

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March, 9.30 – 12.30PM

Theatre of Ideas rolls into town during Melbourne Food and Wine Festival dishing up a titillating selection of names that are kneading and shaping the world of food as we know. Enjoy a morning of cerebral gastronomy and food-meets-kooky-art starring Elena Arzak and Jellymongers Bompas & Parr. A chance to get up-close and personal with the London food scene's hottest tickets and a woman regarded as the "most exciting female chef on the planet."
Limited single session tickets to this exciting event are now available. Book now!


Vanilla//Spice said...

i so want to go

Burch & Purchese said...

It was fantastic - very lucky to attend

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