19 July 2011

Chocolate Lego For "Art Of The Brick"

Really cool exhibits at "Art of the Brick"

Our own giant chocolate blocks (chlocks?) of Lego

Chef Razza spraying away

Set up inside the exhibit - opening night

Lemon & raspberry bricks

These proved to be too popular to keep up with production


Very clever stuff

Aussie icons in Lego too at the Melbourne exhibit

Even Warnie was impressed

New York based artist Nathan Sawaya creates amazing art from the versatile Lego brick. Recently his phenomenal exhibition "Art Of The Brick"came to Melbourne and we were asked to design and create a chocolate Lego installation to mark the events opening.

As a consequence of this event some pieces of chocolate Lego found it's way into our cake cabinet and they proved to be BIG hit with our customers. Well due to production issues (ie. sticking individual jelly pieces on by hand - made us go dizzy!) we are stopping the Lego for now. It WILL return though at some stage and we will let you know when it comes back in the Studio.

For now enjoy the images above and we will endeavour to get the Lego back ASAP, thanks so much to all of those who have enquired and apologies to all of those who missed out.

You can still catch "Art Of The Brick" here in Melbourne though and you should if you can because it is great fun for all the family.


Petra said...

They really look great! Another beautiful work of art from you :)

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Such a fun post! We love Lego - especially when it is edible :)

Tenina said...

These are amazing…you guys are the bomb...

Carlos said...

Very good!