10 July 2011


B&P Cranberry, Almond & Freeze Dried Plum Nougat

Our ever popular chocolate flower displays. 

Darren meeting Chef Tomas Keller on the set of Masterchef Australia

Persian Delight Chocolate Bar 60%

Coloured white chocolate spheres. 

A fairly new dessert: Smoked White Chocolate, Coffee & Aniseed

Sorry for the delay in between posts lately, we have been concentrating solely on improving the range, layout and production of Sweet Studio and it is taking up almost all of our time. The store is looking fantastic and business has significantly improved over the last month or so. There is still lots to do and we are working on a few new desserts to implement into our range. For now though here are a few images from the last month or so to whet your appetite, thanks to all who follow this blog and for all our fantastic customers. See you soon.

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