15 February 2010

Dish Development

A well known chef has asked us to develop a new dish to be featured on his menu. The brief was to create a unique and delicious dish and a special component was to be liquid centre in a sprayed white chocolate mousse. Well we are still working on the dish but were really please with the outcome of the 'liquid centre'. We used an extremely fluid mix and snap froze it to very low temperatures using the liquid nitrogen. This was then inserted into the mousse and sealed. We froze the mousse and then sprayed in our own special way before leaving to defrost in the fridge. Once the dish is complete we will give you a quick look but until then, it's back to the test kitchen!


lostpastremembered said...

Gorgeous... what is in that lovely ruby center, I wonder???

Hannah said...

This is awesome, and just about enough to sway me to white chocolate.

H :)

Burch & Purchese said...

The centre is a liquid raspberry & rosewater fluid and it is encased in a white chocolate mousse - sprayed of course! Thanks girls for your kind words.