09 February 2010

Happy Birthday Tigger!!

One of the fun things about being a pastry chef (and there are lots!!), is being able to create special cakes for our friends and family. Our friend Tigger is over from the UK and its his birthday which gave us the perfect opportunity for us to help him celebrate by creating this unique, chocolate and cherry layered surprise. Chocovic provided the chocolate for this delicious creation which has a beautiful soaked sponge base, lemon curd and cherry jelly filling. It has been hand sprayed in our trademark style and we cant wait to tuck into it tonight at his birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Tig.

Tig's website is http://www2.hud.ac.uk/mhm/history/research/cricket/ in case you are into cricket research on an intellectual level!


breadpitt said...

yes...the simple expression and appreciation from the receicer worth it all of hard work done by pastry chef..

Tigger said...

Many thanks to Darren for my fantastic cake (our taxi driver couldn't quite get his head around it's appearance). Thanks also to Cath, David, Jill and Erik for sharing an excellent evening with me.

Burch & Purchese said...

Pleasure mate!