15 March 2010

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 23 Roast Pumpkin, Chocolate, Bacon & Maple Jelly UPDATED

Last month we posted dish 20 which was a Roast Pumpkin, Chocolate & Maple Bacon dessert http://burchandpurchese.blogspot.com/2010/02/burch-purchese-dishes-20-roast-pumpkin.html
Well we have been working hard updating and refining the presentation and we are happy with our efforts. This is the current incarnation of this delicious and original flavour combination. Present is the roast pumpkin ice cream and our dark 'Tarakan' chocolate mousse as well as a maple gel and pumpkin pebbles. We served this to over 100 guests at the popular 'Shared Tables' event at the Sofitel hotel's restaurant No. 35 and it was received really well with lots of positive comments coming our way. As always we will revisit our creations with a view to refining and improving on them where we can.

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