24 March 2010

Phew! Festival Over - A Few Teaser Shots Before We Post In Depth!!

What a week, great fun and hard work at the same time. We are now in the process of sorting out our photos and other bits in preparation of a full insight to our experiences in the last week or so. We will post in detail on the many events that we participated in including our successful Masterclass on Saturday. We would like to thank everyone for their support and help and will name them accordingly in the next few posts. For now we will leave you with a few teaser shots and see how many chefs you can name in the top photo!! Answers on a postcard..........


Thermomixer said...

Postcard: Guy G, Nobu, David K(Mr Pim), ?,? Mads R
Shane D, Rex M, Ana S, Alex A, Andoni-Luis A, Gontran C, April B, Michael P
Adam D'S, Ian B, David C, Benjamin (GC's mate), Peter G
Cath C, Darren P, Nancy S, Thomasina M, ? Raymond C

Need to get to more events. Not a real foodie. Try again next year.

Congrats again for the Press Club meal.

Burch & Purchese said...

Not bad! I will post the real names soon!!