15 April 2010

Food Photography - What We Have Been Snapping Lately

Ian getting it just right!

Image of after dinner treats.

A fun dish we have been working on - unfinished yet!

Very arty!

Cool shot of confit lime zest.

Mini chocolate 'bombs' with salted caramel.

Aerated Chardonnay chocolate.

Chocolate 'magnum'

Everyone's at it! Here is Sharlee Gibb, program manager for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival!

As you know we take a keen interest in photography, especially on our favourite subject....Food! This is what we have been looking at through the lens in the last few weeks. It's great fun and saves us money employing a professional to record our visual library of dishes and creations.


Linda said...

that gooeey lime confit and oh, the aerated chocolate mmmmm M M MMMMM! taste test taste test please : )

lostpastremembered said...

Loved the lime zest... it was really like art!!!

Just Desserts said...

marvelous photography not to mention your awsome desserts. Your are inspirational

Burch & Purchese said...

Thank you all three for your kind words!! x