11 April 2010

MFWF Review 3 - Theatre Of Ideas With Mugaritz IMAGES

Chef Andoni describing calcium oxide, and its uses in his cuisine.

Stunning dessert that showcases Mugaritz' unique style and wit.

Matt Preston hosted the event and was able to help the audience understand a little bit about the significance of Chef Andoni's food.

Salsifi cooked in the calcium oxide to produce a self pureeing vegetable. Their food photography is some of the best we have seen.

A packed house is entertained and informed.

The dessert being explained by Andoni and prepared by Javier Bergara (in picture) and Leire Extaide (out of shot).

Dan Hunter - one of Mugaritz' favourite sons, moderates the event. 

Interaction from the chef to the audience kept everyone entertained.

When a vegetable is cut and immersed in the calcium oxide solution, it's pectins react and forms a gel on the outside of the fruit/veg. This is then baked at a low temperature and the steam cannot escape through the gel. This causes the inside of the ingredient to almost puree inside itself giving rise to a unique texture. The picture is of Jerusalem artichoke cooked in this manner which gives way to the appearance of crab.

Ian & Darren were lucky enough to spend some time with the guys from Mugaritz and it was inspirational learning from the humble approach to life and cooking. We helped in some prep for this class and the offer was extended to us to visit the new Mugaritz. We cannot wait to visit San Sebastian and experience the cuisine and hospitality of Andoni, Javier and Leire. Thanks to all three for your humility and passion.


Brian Campbell said...

Awesome Guys, love the vegetables cooked prepared with Calcium Oxide, my Pastry Sous from Argentina showed me this a while back, quite common is South America, especially Butternut served as a garnish with Cheese. looks like you had an great time!!

Thermomixer said...

Hope you get to Mugaritz and have a great time.

Amazing to think that a process that has been around for possibly 4000 years could suddenly change our cuisine.


Thanks again for recording the day.

Burch & Purchese said...

Cheers for you comments guys, had a blast. Mr Thermomixer....thanks again for the link!