07 June 2011

Sweet Studio Cake Cabinet: Chocolate, Mandarin & Murray River Salted Caramel

This is one of the most popular cakes in our range since Sweet Studio opened just before Easter this year. It is set to be a favourite that stays on the menu with the only changes being a tweak here or there.
The base of the cake is a light aerated chocolate shortbread and that is topped by our very own St. Clements orange & lemon marmalade. The marmalade is available for retail in our studio if you wish to try your own creation. One of our signature creams a 'burnt mandarin cream' sits on top of the marmalade and a generous layer of golden caramel flavoured with pink Murray River flakes is added on top of the cream. The layers are encased in a silky smooth chocolate mousse made with Chocovic's Kendari 60% dark chocolate. The entire cake is glazed with our mirror like shiny chocolate glaze and we garnish with one of our coloured chocolate spheres. The cake is available in 18cm and in an individual portion size but we can tailor to your needs.
Some combinations of flavours are just so good together and we are struggling to think of a better match than chocolate, orange & caramel, we hope you can come down to the Studio to try it out.

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