24 January 2012

A couple of new desserts available now at Sweet Studio

Summer is in full swing here at the Studio and Christmas and New Year seems so long ago now, we have been working hard to create some special desserts for your summer entertaining.

Stone fruit have been sensational this year and to celebrate we have come up with a double peach and wild strawberry cake paired with our ever popular and versatile pistachio cake.
The sketch above shows the construction of the slice with moist pistachio sponge as a base and rose petal and strawberry jam is then applied before a layer of yoghurt sponge. Both of the sponges have our home made marzipan incorporated and the aroma when baking is amazing.

We try make this dessert in the smallest size batches as possible to ensure that the pastry kitchen has a regular supply of amazing baking smells for us to pump out into the retail area.

The yoghurt sponge is topped off with a luscious white peach set cream and then we puncture the cream with domes of blood peach & peach schnapps mousse. This is all then topped off with a silky smooth wild strawberry and white chocolate mousse and rippled for effect before finishing with our white chocolate velvet spray. The cake is then portioned and topped off with some strawberry clay and a peach and wild strawberry macaroon.

The sec on new dessert that seems to be very popular in the short time it has appeared in our cabinet is our Pineapple, Mango & Chocolate dessert. We are blessed here in Australia with the best of both worlds especially in Victoria in the summer as we have an abundant supply of berries, stone fruit and other summer treats. We also have the supply of exotic fruits from Queensland which include, unbelievable mangoes, pineapples and bananas.

This dessert highlights the exotic varieties of fruits using mango, pineapple and pairing them with coconut and chocolate.

I have discovered a really cool trick a while ago concerning preparation of pineapples. I have found that when making my spiced pineapple jam it is easier for the pineapple chunks to break down in the pan if the fruit has been frozen first. This technique has also brought about a surprising and versatile by product. After the pineapple has been cut into chunks it is placed into a non metallic container and frozen down in the deep freeze for a minimum of 24 hours. After this time it is removed from the freezer and placed into the fridge to defrost, this usually takes 36 hours depending on the quantity of pineapple flesh (I do around 25 pineapples at a time). A huge amount of clear pineapple liquor then appears from the defrosting fruit and I have to say it is an amazing ingredient to work with. The juice is very clear and has a great flavour to it, quite strong. I use the juice to make pineapple cream and jellies which garnish the dessert above. The construction of the dessert is as follows:
Coconut Sponge
Spiced Pineapple Jam
Mango Mousse
Quenelle Chocolate Mousse 64%
Burnt Pineapple Cream
Mango Curd
White Chocolate Velvet Spray
Pineapple Jelly
Chocolate Eyelashes
Mango Jelly Spheres
Fresh As. Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks

We are working on more delicious desserts and now starting to test recipes for our dessert dinners in March as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine festival http://www.burchandpurchese.blogspot.com/2012/01/book-now-for-exclusive-dessert.html which is getting very close now. Hopefully you can stop by and have a sample of our desserts if you are on Chapel Street. See you soon, Darren


Thermomixer said...

Great ideas there.

Looking forward to afternoon tea.

See you soon

nick said...

The new items sound fantastic and can't wait t come for my second visit.

And I am going to give the pineapple freeze a go as well.

The Sharking Team.


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Very good!!!