02 April 2012

Sorry For The Lack Of Posts……………..

Langham Melbourne Masterclass Chefs 2012
Myself with Langham Melbourne General Manager Ben Sington and Gorgi Coghlan from Channel 10 at the media launch for my afternoon tea

Sweet Studio turns into a dessert bar for 'Sweet Revolution'

Dessert buffet at the Langham Hotel

…………I have been so busy! Phew!! What a month or so, Sweet Studio has been buzzing with Food Festivals, visiting chefs, external events and exciting news.

Apologies again for the lack of updates I am behind on all levels of social networking, even Twitter and Facebook has proved difficult to keep up. I am happy now to reveal that even though we are in full chocolate easter egg production I will have time to post on all of the past fantastic events that we were lucky to be a part of. I will update our social network accounts and thank all our new followers and 'likes'.

In the coming posts I will expand on and review the following subjects:

  • My exclusive residency at The Langham Hotel for afternoon tea and the media launch of that event 
  • The launch of a fantastic series of videos from those clever people at Milkbar mag including a feature on dessert making at Sweet Studio 
  • Update on exciting news from inside the studio including the launch of our 'Sweet Studio Sessions' a series of dessert nights held inside our Studio as it is transformed into a licensed dessert bar!!
Thanks again to all of my readers for your patience and continued support and I hope to see you at our Chapel Street store very soon.

I will leave you with this elegant video produced by Melbourne Food & Wine which reviews the past few weeks.


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