15 March 2011

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival - PHEW!! All Over For Another Year!!

Bompas & Parr with Burch & Purchese at our pop up 'Sweet Studio'

Sweet Architextural at The Espy was a great success
Progressive cocktail & dessert matching with the team at Der Raum
Open day at our temporary home brought lots of onlookers
Mr Preston making an exclusive appearance at our event
Sam & Harry with Flinders Street station reproduced in wobbly jelly

Well! Another Melbourne Food & Wine festival has been and gone, it is always a whirlwind of demonstrations, special events, and catching up with old and new friends. The team at Burch & Purchese were of course right in the thick of things with an impressive series of events and there were some real highlights that we can't wait to show you here on these pages.

The jellymongers arrived from the UK and brought with them a great humour and work ethic as well as some amazing creations! Thanks to Sam & Harry for everything and we look forward to the return in London sometime in the future.

We will be publishing in depth accounts of all of the events and other stuff over the next week or so as we collate our media files. We are looking forward to letting you know about the following highlights:

  • Sweet Architextural - THE event of the festival at the Espy. We will publish photos, video, menus and recipes from the event the whole of town is talking about! 
  • Reinventing Dessert - Unforgettable cocktail & dessert pairing combinations with the team at the world class 'Der Raum'.
  • Our open day at our temporary pop-up sweet studio at Careers Australia building on Flinders Street in the city.
  • Our view of the festival stars from what we saw behind the scenes, including cooking for Nigella Lawson, meeting some of the international chefs, dinners with some of Australia's most decorated chefs and more.
  • A round up of press and blog mentions on us and Bompas & Parr and other related matters.
  • We will also be letting you know the progress of our much anticipated Sweet Studio on Chapel Street, including an insight to what you might find and a definitive opening date.
We would just like to say a BIG thanks though to the following for all of their invaluable help during the festival. Without these people and organisations we would not have been able to achieve all that we did. 

Cath Claringbold, our business manager & events coordinator. 
Steve Molloy, our lighting man at the Espy for services above and beyond.
Thermomix Australia
Jazmine Thom - Our photographer.
All of our supporters, friends, bloggers, twitterers and all others involved including Mrs Burch and Catherine Wallace xxx

Stay tuned for a new post every day this week!! Darren & Ian


Ed said...

Phew indeed! I caught the jelly bug and now I have a sticky kitchen floor.

Burch & Purchese said...

Hey Ed, it's true it is sticky stuff but great fun though! Really cool to meet you finally and hope to catch up soon.
Darren & Ian

Gareth said...

Darren & Ian,

looking forward to your wrap-up of the Sweet Architextural night. Absolutely brilliant event and incredibly well put together. Looking forward to seeing all your photos.

Vinisha said...

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Burch & Purchese said...

Thanks guys!

Tenina said...

Thermomix is more than delighted to be involved with you guys…(and still waiting for a class invite for a certain recipe developer they have lurking around the kitchen from time to time!)

sandhiya said...

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