21 April 2009

Burch & Purchese Dishes 1 - Rose Crumble v.1.1

We created this dish as a homage to Heston Blumenthal. In his book he describes his rose bush, rose petals are delicately crystallised and topped with freeze-dried raspberries, freeze-dried apple and toasted coriander seed. We have taken this and replicated the petals and used them as a component for this plated dessert. The explosion of flavours from the roses is sensational and we have tried to balance a this dish with some other interesting elements. First a freshly baked almond cake is cut artfully and placed onto the plate. Next a 'swipe' of rose fluid gel is added and topped with freeze-dried raspberry pieces. Toasted coriander seed is put onto the plate in a neat mound and a black olive caramel is applied to add a savoury/salty contrast. The almond cake is topped with an apple sour sorbet and the rose petals top this. We believe this dish contrasts salty, sweet and sour flavours to tremendous effect and the fragrant roses are a delightful component.

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