20 April 2009

East, West Chocolate's Best 22nd March 2009

Burch & Purchese in association with The Press Club and Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, hosted a dessert degustation dinner in Melbourne.
Guest chef for the night was Ramon Morato, and the three combined to produce a wonderful night. The evening was hosted by Press Club chef George Calombaris and involved four desserts, all incorporating chocolate. The desserts were preceded by each chef taking to the stage to introduce and inform the capacity audience of the inspirations behind the creations. First dessert of the evening was a creation by Ian Burch, the influences and flavours of Greece were the theme and it was well received and enjoyed by all. Next up for the evening was a talk by Christina Tantsis of Sisko Chocolate, Christina created a spectacular chocolate centre piece and explained her inspiration behind it. We would like now to thank Christina for her contribution and wish her and Sisko continued success.
The second dessert for the evening was a collaboration between Darren and Ian and featured the flavours of the east. Chocolate was paired with wasabi, szechaun and lychee for a unique flavour combination which had the audience raving. An interesting sake completed this course and it was on to Ramon to present his dish. There was much excitement at Ramon's dessert, designed exclusively for his trip to Australia. 'Springtime' included a delicious white chocolate ice-cream as well as a ylang ylang crush. Other components celebrated the freshness and fragrance of Spring and included, mint, orange and rose. This truly was a beautiful dessert and Ramon seemed very happy with the response.
For the final dessert of the night the diners were treated to a unique dessert from Darren Purchese, 'scorched earth' was an interpretation of the climate and terrain of Australia. Flavours included burnt orange, bitter chocolate and was a real highlight. The dessert looked like Uluru and provided an interesting end to a fantastic night. Burch & Purchese would like to thank George Calombaris and The Press Club, Sisko Chocolate, The Cocoa Alliance, Adriano Zumbo and Ramon Morato and his team.

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