14 April 2009

Ramon Morato visits Australia

In March this year we were treated to the arrival of celebrated Spanish pastry chef Ramon Morato. Ramon was over promoting the Selvatica range of chocolate from Chocovic of which he is a director. He was also involved in the Melbourne Food & Wine festival and we were lucky enough to work closely with such a friendly and humble individual. Among the events in which Burch & Purchese collaborated with Ramon, were the popular East, West Chocolate's Best dessert dinner at The Press Club, Ian Burch moderating Ramon at his Masterclass at the Langham, and Wicked Sunday. More details on all of these events will be posted later but we just wanted to thank Ramon and his team Nuria and Marta, they were a pleasure to work with.


don.purchese said...

Hey what a great 'blog' will recommend to all my friends, before you know it you will have a great following. Great work with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival as well. Tele, articles, reviews wow you'll be famous before we know it. Can I have your autograph?

Ian Burch & Darren Purchese said...

Thanks so much for your feedback x