04 May 2009

Burch & Purchese Dishes 3 - Dundee Cake With Raspberries In Drambuie

This dish is a favourite of ours. A Dundee cake was made including flavours of orange, whiskey and spices. We produced this visually appealing two tone jelly by combining raspberry jelly with Drambuie syrup jelly and setting it onto a flat surface, this is then cut and placed onto the plate. The jelly is made with agar agar and gelatine to give a robust strength to it which facilitated the cutting and moving. Also the agar agar allows for the cake to be warmed and place ontop without fear of melting as the jelly withstands heat up to 70 degrees C. Our Dundee cake is cut to shape and soaked in warm Drambuie syrup. A dark chocolate foam provides bitter notes and a plaque of tempered chocolate dusted in Burch & Purchese spice mix is placed on top. Using the Pac-O-Jet and neutral ice-cream base we produced this clean looking Dundee cake ice-cream to help cut through the dessert. Burch & Purchese Drambuie soaked raspberries are placed on to the cake at the top right edge and this is topped with confit orange zest. Dehydrated Dundee cake crumb completes the dessert on top of the quenelle of ice-cream. This dish provides a feeling of warmth and depth, contrasts from bitter and sweet and leaves a cool clean finish on the palette. We hope you enjoy the look and of course we are happy to answer any questions. For our Raspberries In Drambuie we have provided a recipe, just click the label on the left.


Haalo said...

This is more a question about setting agents. I've heard that cocoa butter can be used as a replacement for gelatine in a dish like pannacotta. So far my search for anything more specific has come up empty but I am hoping that you'll be able to help. I am wondering about the proportions involved - how much cocoa butter would be needed to set the liquid? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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