28 May 2009

Burch & Purchese Dishes 5 -Violet Crumble v1.1

For those of you not here in Australia, we have a confectionary bar sold in retail stores called Violet Crumble. It is basically a honeycomb bar covered with milk chocolate, a bit like the U.K's crunchie bar. This was the inspiration behind this dish of ours. We have created a silky violet ice-cream flavoured with all of the dried violet flowers we have collected throughout the year. The ice-cream is coloured with a corn called Morado found in Peru. In its native country it is used for all sorts of dishes and sweet beverages but here we are using it for its remarkable violet colour. This plant provides one of the only natural violet colourings and is far preferable to using artificial colours. The ice-cream adorns a fresh and light Burch & Purchese version of honeycomb. To start at the beginning of assembly, we first painted the plate with melted cocoa butter and sprinkled over Burch & Purchese spice mix which we feel really compliments the flavours of violet, chocolate and honey. Next we added the theatrical honeycomb and sprinkled around the base crystallised violets, chocolate charcoal and then finished with the ice-cream. The subtle and smooth violet lends itself magnificently to the textures and spices found in this dish. This is really an initial version of a dish we feel has potential to evolve and grow. We will continue to research, test and update you with results.


theundergroundrestaurant said...

I recently tried a Violet Crumble, sold in an Australian shop in Shepherds Bush, London.
Quite similar to a Crunchie.
Love this dish.
Wonderful icecream
I recently did a flower menu.

Burch & Purchese said...

thanks for your comment MsMarmite lover. We love hearing your Twitters and thank you for your interest

Y said...

Love the combination of flavours. That honeycomb looks stunning!

Burch & Purchese said...

Thanks, this combination is a favourite of ours. The spice is a welcome addition too.