15 September 2009

Pictures From The Chocolate Museum In Barcelona

Outside the museum which can be found at Commerc 36, 08003, Barcelona
Gaudi's famous reptile reworked.
Antique Chocolate Tools.
Lucky Luke

HomerUnbelievable!! All of the above photo's with the exception of the the antique chocolate making kit are made from chocolate. Great fun to see this museum, the history of chocolate is revealed and there is a cool cafe selling the obligatory hot chocolate and assorted chocolate bars from around the world. Well worth a visit we say if you are into that sort of thing, one thing's for sure, that's someone with a lot of time on their hands!!


Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

As a chocoholic I reckon this place would be fantastic. Can't believe I didn't know about it when I last was in that part of Spain.

Strip Poker said...

What words... super, a brilliant phrase