18 September 2009

Burch & Purchese Creative Cakes - 1 Toast & Marmalade

This is another example of our play on word and flavours. The gateaux has layers of burnt orange cream, nut butter jelly and Chocovic's 'Nayarit' milk chocolate mousse with orange. A base of soaked and toasted brioche holds everything in place and to garnish are segments of orange cream, confit kumquats, freshly grated zest, nut butter gel cubes and sweetened and dehydrated mini brioche 'toast' slices. Our orange marmalade is also nestled inside the gateaux and served as an accompaniment as well. This is a fun and, most importantly, delicious creation.


Christa Owens said...

Oh! I want to try this out! this cake seems really tastey!

Burch & Purchese said...

Thanks Christa, we appreciate your feedback