16 September 2010

Burch & Purchese Latest Creations

We have been working hard on increasing our future product range with the invention of this new creation designed for Spring. We have created a twist on the traditional hazelnut daquoise and replaced the nut with pistachio and have layered it with pistachio mousseline and then a layer of our fresh lemon curd. This has all been topped off with the most silky smooth white chocolate and vanilla mousse. The mousse was made with Heilala vanilla and the whole piece was textured and then sprayed with white chocolate fine spray. A green tea macaroon with green tea clay is the garnish as well as our lemon chocolate eyelashes. We hope you enjoy this piece and we have more to come


Thermomixer said...

Great wavy, sand/beach like effect with the surface. Guess there's titanium dioxide in there. Was it produced from a siphon, or not that fluffy?

The lemon chocolate eyelashes look intense.

I could eat a piece for sure.

Burch & Purchese said...

Cheers Jeff.

Yes Titanium dioxide, no siphon just a palette knife.

ron. said...

that cake looks amazing.
i really like that it is a piece of a much larger cake, but showing the internal layers give it so much character.