10 September 2010

Madrid Tales 2 - Inside The Lab!!!

First day in the test kitchen - getting set up for the next month!

Cool domestic combi steamer is part of the kit for us to use.

The dehydrator is getting a work out.

Lots of goodies for us to test out.

Senor Sosa himself gets to work on some emulsifying techniques.

Here comes the science part!

Great to hook up with Quico Sosa again.

La Terraza del Casino - restaurant shots

Stunning dining room.

Immaculate table decoration - world class.
Hopefully I can find time to dine here before I leave.

Making sure the chairs are comfy.

On the famous Terraza!

The tasting menu at Paco Roncero's 2 Michelin star La Terraza del Casino in Madrid.

Back in the lab, Chef Adam Melonas does his stuff.

After a hard day it's time for something to eat!

Well we have been hard at it for nearly a week now and our project is on course to be a great success. We have been working alongside Grande Chef Adam Melonas at a test kitchen situated in Casino de Madrid. Lots of progress has been made and new techniques discovered. We were fortunate enough to meet up again and work with Quico Sosa the owner of Sosa products and his knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. He demonstrated some cool emulsifying and stabilising techniques and helped us troubleshoot some obstacles that we have come across. We really are fortunate to work with such true and talented professionals and we can't wait to bring this knowledge back with us to Australia. We pinched a little time during the third day to have a look at the stunning dining room of the Terraza del Casino. Chef Paco Roncero has been charming and hospitable and his restaurant was an amazing site. Fully deserving of the highest accolades it is simply one of the best dining rooms we have seen and the famous terraza is bathed in glorious sunshine. We are trying to squeeze a meal in before we leave for London on the 29th and if we do we will let you know how amazing it was and of course what the desserts were like. Madrid is getting better by the day and we have some cool excursions to come that we will inform you of as they happen. If we have time, tomorrow we will post pictures of our visit to Paco's tapas bar. Until then..Adios!! 


thelittlewhitewitch said...

Your enthusiasm is really inspiring. Its simply brilliant to be able to share in the obvious love you have for food and its possibilities as both a delicacy and an art form.

Its refreshing and morish. A real treat. A bit like your desserts. Keep the good work and the reports coming! (O:

Thermomixer said...

I can relate to that last photo.

Every time we travel I end up buying toooooooo much from the delis/traiteurs/salumierie.

Looking forward to classes at the new site soon.

Off to Lake House for class with Andrew McC, Nic Poelaert & Phillipa S. Will put in plug for you & the missus.

Burch & Purchese said...

Little White Witch:

Thanks so much for your kind words, we try to inform and hopefully inspire x


Thanks and enjoy the Lake House - speak soon

Burch & Purchese said...
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