19 September 2010

Madrid Tales 6 - New Cookbook Shop In Madrid

On a day of for us from our project here in Madrid, we managed to track down this new cookbook shop/cookery school. Open for less than a year, A Punto Libreria is situated at Calle Pelayo, 60, 28004, and is a treasure trove of quality cookbooks. Most of them are in Spanish (of course!) but there are English titles available as well, we owned all of them so opted for a classical Spanish pastry book. We were shown round the shop by one of the owners and she allowed us to take a peek downstairs at their small cooking school. Courses range from Sushi making, pastry, wine tasting and cocktail events. If you are ever in Madrid you should book for one of the events/courses or just pop in for a look at the books.

Just an update on proceedings here, we are making progress in our research and positive results have started to present themselves. We still have until 29th September here in Madrid before moving onto London for 5 days. Next week sees the arrival of world renowned food scientist Peter Barham to help in our studies, we are really looking forward to meeting Peter and hearing what he has got to say. We are also returning to Leatherhead Food Research next week for a follow up on this weeks meeting. So lot's still to happen on our travels.

We will of course keep you updated and we are hoping the Melbourne weather will be brightening up nicely for our return on 7th October.

A Punto
Centro Cultural del Gusto
Calle Pelayo, 60
28004 Madrid


Thermomixer said...

Ferran, Sergi, Andoni, Juan Marie, Subijana, Garcia, even Jamie O & McGee, ..... but no Albert & Postres.

Lo siento - keep looking ;-)

Burch & Purchese said...

Si! Lo siento!!