30 September 2010

Madrid Tales 8 - Last Day & Coming Up!!

Beautiful fit out at this smart Madrid chocolate shop.

Large selection of chocolate bars in dozens of flavours.

Hand dipped pralines.

Plenty of selection.

Cacao Sampaka in Madrid.

Packaging is superb and the store neat and tidy.

Large selection of Champagnes, Sherries, Ports and Sauternes for sale.
Probably the best beer in the world?

The general strike in Spain and austerity strikes across Europe gave us an unexpected extra day in Madrid. This gave us the opportunity to visit the Madrid branch of Cacao Sampaka, we visited the Barcelona branch last year and love the brand. The store is fantastic, and has a large selection of chocolate items, alcohols, books and houses a smart cafe. Cacao Sampaka is located at Calle de Orellana, 4 28004 and is well worth a visit. Tomorrow we return to London on business and we will be catching up with talented individuals in the world of cuisine. We will let you know who they are and how it goes in our next post, but for now it is time for a last beer in Spain. What better than the special edition Estrella on which chef Ferran Adria contributed! Saludas Madrid, see you next year!!  


Thermomixer said...

Lots of ideas for Sth Yarra ;)

Did you find THE book?

Burch & Purchese said...

Not yet!!