16 September 2010

Madrid Tales 5 - Leatherhead Food Research

During our research and developments of new products here in Madrid we were presented with an opportunity to return to the UK to visit the world renowned food research facility in Leatherhead, Surrey. This was an exciting opportunity and a very informative trip in both this project and future ones. Unfortunately we cannot divulge the reason for our trip and the information gained due to confidentiality agreements, also the camera had it's lens firmly on as photos of the department are forbidden to protect client secrets! We have another trip planed for next week in further developing our new products with modern techniques, we can say that we are looking in the areas of aeration, moisture retention, stability of recipes and other matters. The trip provided us with the opportunity to pop in and say hi to Mum & Dad who live close by in the village of Farncombe, it was a bit surreal just popping in for dinner and then leaving again but it was nice to catch up albeit briefly. Mum & Dad are keen gardeners and the beautiful tomatoes they lovingly grew were a real highlight! Mum kindly allowed us to take photographs of these, but we had to sign a tight contract so please no reproduction!!!

Leatherhead Food Research               http://www.leatherheadfood.com/


Thermomixer said...

All very interesting. ... and real tomatoes too!

Does it make you think maybe do like Adam & get a gig in Spain so you can pop home for mum's roast on Sundays?

Burch & Purchese said...

That's not a bad idea!! Got a shop to open first though!