13 September 2010

Madrid Tales 3 - Tapas de Paco Roncero

The entrance to Estado Puro where Tapas de Paco Roncero is situated.

Cool interior and Chef Melonas on the phone again.

Classic Tapas selection but very modern in interpretation.

The best croquettes made with real Jamon Iberica.

Pork belly fat 'airbread'

Pigs feet with cep mousseline & shaved squid.

The waitress needs to cheer up, but apart from that very good!

We enjoyed the hospitality of Chef Paco Roncero recently after a hard days testing new techniques. Accompanied by Adam Melonas & Quico Sosa, we were invited to try some of the new dishes on the menu at Tapas de Paco Roncero at Estado Puro, situated near the Museum Prado. Lots of dishes were tried and they were all very good. There were quite a few on the menu that Adam Melonas developed during his time as Paco's lab chef, and we can report that the croquettes were the best we have had (and we have had a few)! Other highlights were the slow cooked pig foot, with ceps and shaved squid, sticky and delicious and the 'airbread' was a nice technique as well as tasty. It was all washed down with Mahou the local beer and although it was fantastic, it left us no room for dessert. Which gives us a good reason to return!! On Monday 13th we are off to the UK to work with the food scientists at Leatherhead Food Research which will be fascinating and productive to our project. They also house one of the biggest cookbook collections in the world so we will be bringing the camera and promise to report back on the quick trip back home. Will be nice to have dinner with Mum & Dad and go home even if it is for such a small time.  
http://www.leatherheadfood.com  Leatherhead Food Research

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