13 September 2010

Madrid Tales 4 - Produce & Our New Favourite Pastry Shop

One of the most popular cheeses here - Tetilla, this version is smoked - delicious!

It is found on most restaurant plata de queso - it is called tetilla because it is shaped like a.............

Our new favourite wine - a Crianza called Arzuaga (pronounced 'Arthwayga')
These eggs were found in the local supermarket, free range, fresh and delicious. Each box has a certificate of authentication and less than Aus$5 for a dozen.
We found this stall at a local market, selling only fresh and natural fruit jellies (pate de fruit) with no colours or preservatives.

Everywhere you go! Not complaining!!

Paleta Iberica is the less expensive front leg of the Iberica pig, it requires and extra chew but the flavour is amazing.

Air dried beef - fantastic.

Our new favourite Chocolate/Pastry Shop on Calle Alcala, 5 mins from our hotel.

The shop smelt amazing and had a very high quality selection of entremets, chocolates and viennoiserie.
All of the large gateaux were sold out within an hour but beautiful individual pieces were still available.

All items are baked and prepared on premises by a very talented chef called Ricardo Martinez Velez.

Check them out if you come to Madrid www.moulinchocolat.com

Every flavour of Macaroons that you can think of...and you MUST try the canelle!

It has been a real education looking at all of the local and regional Spanish produce and there is so much quality in shops that don't have international recognition!


Thermomixer said...

Getting very jealous. Seem to recall the tetilla that I had in 2003 was so soft in the centre that they just lopped the top off and scooped the middle out onto bread.

Enjoy the jamon & lomo. Get it while you can and remember it is good cholesterol.

R & H said...

Your posts are making me want to visit Spain - very very much. It just seems like such a vibrant city. The food, the restaurants, and what you are doing in the test kitchen seems like a lot of fun! Can't wait to read more!

Burch & Purchese said...

Thermomixer: The Tetilla was spectacular! Am enjoying a little too much the Jamon!!

R&H : Thanks so much guys - more is coming!