12 November 2009

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 16 Flavours Of Summer Trifle

With the great weather we are enjoying lately here in Melbourne, our attentions turned to utilizing the excellent summer fruits available to us. Although its still a bit early for cherries and other stone fruits, the berries are coming through beautifully. This dish encapsulates the essence of summer with a modern interpretation of the classic 'pud', trifle. Although this may look unlike any other trifle you may have seen or eaten, the basic essential components are all there. We still have custard for example, this is now in the form of a foam. Cats tongue sponge is still present in the form of an ice-cream and the classic sherry flavour is now made into a jelly. We had fun coming up with this dish and in many ways it reminds us of home, although I don't remember Mum with 20 litres of liquid nitrogen in the kitchen! This dish is enhanced with flavour packed seasonal raspberries, a dried meringue of berries, dehydrated raspberry sponge and aerated white chocolate. Hopefully you enjoy these pictures and if you want to try the dish out it is now on the degustation menu at No.35 restaurant at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne where we have been doing some work.

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