06 November 2009

Interesting Ingredients

Sugar cane, which is juiced and turned into a slush puppy.
Spices are an important part of Asian cusine, especially szechaun!
Wow! This is a Pomelo(on right), a kind of citrus fruit, next to a normal size grapefruit.
Pandan leaves.
Something we were not expecting to see in Asia
We have just returned from some promotional and consultancy work in Asia. One of the best things about working abroad, (for a chef), is exploring the local cuisine and working with produce you don't normally see. These are just a couple of pictures from our trip and we saw so much more. The pandan is a fragrant leaf used in infusions and jellies. The Pomelo was cool, not too sour and massive segments, apparently that was a small one!! It was funny though to see a box of rocket from down the road in Bacchus Marsh, country Victoria in the kitchen. Just shows that great produce is found all over the world.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this post -

Reminds me of the days when we'd "peel" off the sugar cane skin and consume it in manner of chewing gum; when you have big occasions you're sure to see Pomelos; and when mom would make jellies from just Agar-agar, Pandan leaves and sugar.

Really appreciate it, takes me right back home =)