05 November 2009

My Boy Lollipop!!

We were tempering chocolate this week for another use and decided to make some cool different flavoured lollipops for petits four. To garnish we used some bits and pieces of mise en place that we had ready. Crushed honeycomb, freeze dried fruits and fresh pistachio nuts were just some of the different varieties we tried and judging by the reaction of the waitress, everyone was happy with the outcome!! These are easy to make so why not give them a go yourself?


selena said...

oh! i want to know how to make these! they look SOOOO good.



Burch & Purchese said...

Hey Selena!!

Thanks for your comment, give em a go!! Quite simple really just need some chocolate & sprinkles!! Good luck, Darren

Tenina said...

These are so funky...going to them out for sure. Love your site guy...truly inspirational.