24 November 2009

Burch & Purchese Dishes - 17 Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread On Toast

This dish is meant as an amuse or pre dessert and was inspired by most kids' love of Nutella on toast. We have recreated this flavour sensation using modern techniques and ingredients. There are three components to the dish, toast pieces, chocolate & hazelnut spread powder and nitro frozen chocolate & hazelnut spread pearls. A spoonful of all three together leave an uncanny reminder of thick toast smeared with Nutella. The toast component was created by toasting one slice of bread and freezing it, we also froze a slice of bread (un-toasted) and then blitzed the pieces in the MyCook. The chocolate components were simple, we mixed tapioca maltodextrin into our own brand chocolate & hazelnut spread until powder was formed. This application was reserved in the fridge until serving. The frozen component was achieved by mixing a little hazelnut oil into our spread and dripping pearls into liquid nitrogen. These to were reserved but this time in the freezer. To serve we placed a spoon of the blitzed mixed breads and then spooned the maltodextrin powder on top, to finish we spooned the pearls and serve immediately. The frozen pearls melt upon contact with the tongue as does the powder, this leaves the sensation of a smooth spread in the mouth and the 'toast' connects the senses and brings us straight back to our childhood. Great fun and this light dish won't spoil your appetite!