12 November 2009

Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro!!

We just wanted to show you our new ceramic knives, which we just can't put down at the moment. These are quality and don't need sharpening. Made by Japanese company Kyocera Advanced Ceramics, these tools slice through fruits so effortlessly. The blades have been designed with such precision that we have noticed the cell membrane of fruits and vegetables have much less stress and damage to them after slicing with one of these. This is evident in apples, which don't seem to go brown once cut now! The knives are super light due to the lack of metal and they are our favoured tools for sashimi or fruit slicing (see above)! If a bad workman blames his tools, then we have no excuse now!!


Pierre said...

hello guys
this is pierre from Paris in france ! I really enjoy your blog and I am amazed by this knife ; better watch out as I am an amateur ; and if you have time come and visit my blog where I try to be creative (sometimes!)
cheers from a sunny Paris today !

Burch & Purchese said...

Hey Pierre,

Thanks for the comment mate. Glad you enjoy reading the latest, we are just about to check your blog out. Glad the weather is nice for you, take care mate and merci!!