05 November 2009

Burch & Purchese Recommended Books 3 - Chocolate by Ramon Morato

Ramon's book: Chocolate

In depth recipes with Spanish and English translations.
Quality photography throughout.
Ramon signs our book!!We were asked just recently by a journalist, "What is your favourite and most used cookbook of all time?", well where to start. Firstly we individually and jointly have an extensive range of books on all subjects covering the culinary spectrum. All have them have provided us with much joy and knowledge over the years. Looking at the question again though "most used", well we probably don't need to look much farther than the book illustrated above. 'Chocolate' by our good friend Ramon Morato was a revelation to us and was a benchmark in books on chocolate in our opinion. It is massive in content and quality and covers all areas including, plated desserts, entrements, pralines and much more. We were big fans of this book before we met Ramon, so when we had the chance to work with him we felt privileged. The book certainly conveys his professional attitude and we could not resist asking him for his signature which has pride of place in our library. We recommend this book to all pastry chefs out there.

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